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Release Notes

📝 Updates on 2022.07.08

-Major Updates for NFT APIs.
  • Contract API

    • Now you can get the contract deployment result from the response.
  • Media API

    • New media uploading methods are now supported. You can upload an image file using public URL or pre-signed URL.
    • Preview API for an uploaded media file is newly added.
  • Metadata API

    • New methods for handling metadata are added: Modification & Removal of metadata.
  • Token API

    • Now you can get a minting result notification through a callback URL.
    • Burning NFT API is newly added.
  • Bulk Token Minting API

    • Bulk minting is now available. You can mint massive number of tokens in one transaction using bulk minting APIs.
  • Contract Symbol API

    • Two additional APIs for contract symbol management are added.