The fastest way to the NFT world is here. Using Luniverse NFT APIs, you can easily mint and manage NFTs without implementing and understanding smart contracts!
Luniverse NFT service contains a set of ready-to-use contracts and APIs that helps you easily convert the digital contents on your service to Non-Fungible Token(NFT).

Why Use Luniverse NFT?

Luniverse NFT is not only an implementation of the ERC721 standard but also provides various functional extensions for real-world use-cases. You only need to choose a more fitting NFT model for your service and start API integration with your system.
Luniverse Multi-edition NFT VS. Luniverse Generative NFT
We classify the NFT use-cases into two models from their data hierarchy and scale.
The first model, Multi-edition NFT, allows you to mint multiple NFTs with different edition ids but referring to the same media and collection metadata. Since the collection metadata represents token properties, all tokens in single metadata can only be identified by the edition ID and have the same properties except that. Of course, you can also make all the tokens unique by setting the count limit as one. See more details and APIs from this page.
The second model is Generative NFT allows minting multiple NFTs as a collection with different properties for each token. Unlike the multi-edition NFT model, you can assign specific metadata and media to each edition. For example, suppose you publish a collection of art NFTs using multiple media files with slightly distinguished artistic characteristics and differentiated properties such as grade. In that case, you can use the Generative NFT model.
We will update Generative NFT APIs soon.
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